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Ford Key Blanks

Ford Key Blanks

Ford, unlike many manufacturers, has kept with a fairly uniform and simple key design through the years. Except for years during transition and a few foreign model exceptions, Ford key blanks are fairly easy to identify discern based on a general year and model description. For those interested in cutting Ford key blanks, we hope to go through a broad range of Ford vehicles so that a list of needed key blanks can be collected.

Late Model Vehicles

Many of the modern Ford vehicles use transponder keys, most of which are still using the H75 keyway with a specific chip for the vehicle.  It is a great idea to offer your customer a working door key on an H75 blank if they are not willing to pay for a transponder key. The only exceptions to the transponder key are some fleet vehicles that were optioned without a transponder ignition. Before the transponder key revolution, Ford had moved nearly all its vehicles to the H75 key blank. There were a few carry over vehicles left on the H60/H67 (the H67 has the same keyway as the H60, but has a larger head). It is a great idea to stock the H75 key blank along with the H60 key blank for late model Ford vehicles.

Late 1960’s through the 1990’s

By the time of the late 1960’s, Ford had switched all of its vehicles over to the double sided H50 and H51 ignition, door, and trunk keys. The H51 served as the ignition key and sometimes a door key. The H50 key would operate the other locks on the vehicle. The only changes between models were whether the ignition and door were keyed the same with a separate trunk/glove box key or the ignition was on a completely separate key from the door/trunk/glove box key. This key grouping lasted for several decades on the Ford vehicles. By the late 1980’s, some vehicles began switching over to the longerH60 key blank and was used for all the vehicle’s locks, no longer needing a separate key for the door or trunk.

The Early Years

Ford’s early years up until the early 1960’s may be the only period of time it can be challenging to find the correct key blank for Ford vehicles. Literature and software are fairly limited back to this time period, making the biggest challenge of all. There are several old key blanks that were used during these years, nearly all being single sided. Of all the keys used, the H27 Ford key blank may be the most popular and fits greatest number of vehicles. This would be the most valuable key to stock if a shop wanted to keep older style Ford keys available to their clients.

With the popularity of Ford vehicles and few variations of key blanks, it is a great opportunity for locksmiths and business owners to offer Ford key cutting services to their customers. For a broader discussion on automotive key cutting see our blog at

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