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How to Choose The Right Key Programmer

How to Choose the Right Key Programmer

When entering into the world of transponder key programming, it can be very difficult to choose the right machine to purchase for your business. There are many options from cloning machines to on-the-vehicle programmers, with even more options once you settle on a type of machine. We hope to point you in the right direction in regards to finding a quality machine that does the job you need it to, at a price your business can afford.

The first considerations will need to be the customers you hope to service. Will you be going out to most of the vehicles or will the customers be coming to your storefront? This narrows down your marketplace, since the customers coming in to you will likely already have a key that you can duplicate and then program via a cloner. On the other hand, many customers who need in the field service do not have any existing keys. Another possibility is locksmiths hoping to make key copies for dealerships. Dealers often just need a duplicate made, but do not have the ability to bring the car in to your storefront.

A cloning tool is a great option for those looking to make duplicate keys for their clients. New technology allows you to purchase several key blades without chips, such as our H72-PT R/W Blade, and buy separately the transponder chip. The benefits of this are that many vehicles use the same chip, but use a different blade. Being able to mix and match key blades to the correct chip saves cost. Cloning also has benefits in operating cost. The vehicle does not need to be present to program, the training is minimal, and the turn-around time on programming a key is unmatched. Check out the video on our site ( to see just how simple it is to program keys using the cloning tool!

For some technicians, customers do not have an existing key to cut and clone. These technicians ought to consider the quantity of vehicles they program, as well as the scope of models and years. Programming machines come with two major options; a tool that offers free, downloadable software upgrades and tools that require periodical software upgrades paid for by the machine owner. The catch is that machines with free software upgrades charge the machine owner “tokens” each time the machine is used. An example of this machine would be an Advanced Diagnostics MVP Pro. A machine also made by Advanced Diagnostics is the T-Code. This programmer allows an unlimited amount of uses, but does require the machine owner to purchase individual software packages and updates.

Careful consideration will allow you to choose the correct machine for your use. Taking time to decide the quantity and variety of vehicles you will be going out to service will inform you whether you need a pay per use machine with always updated technology or an unlimited use machine with software and updates that will need to be purchased. Look into the specific model details, all listed on our site, to see which options work for you!

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