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Lab Lock Pins

Lab Lock Pins

Lab lock pins

In 1956, LAB was born in a small shop in Hartford, Connecticut with a single revolutionary pin machine. The design was refined and LAB built eleven more machines. Now, LAB is the largest manufacturer of quality lock tumbler pins and kits. Their quality products are servicing major lock manufacturers and security professionals worldwide. Through the years, LAB has changed the industry by creating quality products to assist technicians service locks from start to finish.

Their quality LAB lock pins, where the company found their start, are the flagship of the company. They offer a wide variety of pins to service the demands of different manufacturer’s locks, especially finding benefits from specialized lock pins that no other company is offering. Examples of these are their high security spool pins and serrated pins. By adding these top pins, it becomes much more difficult to pick a lock. They operate very similarly by adding a “false shear line”.

Another quality product from LAB are their universal pinning kits. When LAB first introduced their revolutionary single level universal kits in 1974, Bob Labbe would attend trade shows and throw the kits on the ground to show off its leak proof design. In 1977, LAB copyrighted the .003 Universal Pin System providing a smooth operating, accurate pin system. Now, LAB offers many different keying kits for specific types of lock keying and servicing. Two of these, the LAB Super Wedge Universal Kit and theSmart Wedge Universal Kit are great packages that give locksmiths and technicians purchasing options when buying a universal kit. The Smart Wedge Kit contains the most commonly used lock pins, so that there is no dead stock. The Super Wedge Kit on the other hand is a bit larger, but contains several more pin sizes, as well as a drawer forlock servicing tools.

LAB has expanded its product line to include many other tools for lock servicing. One of their most popular tools is key gauges. These simple but effective tools accurately read the height of a key. This assists the technician when servicing a lock to know what size of pins to use. Their followers and IC Core Annex have added functions to improve efficiency when servicing locks.

Whether you are servicing a single lock or rekeying many per day, LAB offers many products that are worth exploring and discovering the ways LAB can assist you.

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