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Locksmith Supplies-Cylinders And Hardware

Locksmith Supplies-Cylinders and Hardware

Keeping In stock what your customers need!

Residential and commercial locksmiths know that a good assortment of locksmith supplies will significantly expand the job market. Keeping a good stock of inventory available both in the shop and in the mobile vehicle is a sure way to keep your customers from looking elsewhere. Although it is important to know what your clientele is looking for and buying versus what products may be sit on the shelf for some time, a good inventory is a sure way to offer same day service and satisfaction. One important area of inventory is cylinders and hardware.

Having a good inventory of cylinders on hand allows the technician to change out keyways on commercial locks or adapt a customer’s lock to work together with new hardware. There are many offerings available to adapt aftermarket locks into various keyways or even IC core. Cylinders are offered in different finishes to suit the application, as well as in various backsets for mortise cylinder or rim cylinder applications. By keeping these on hand, the technician won’t have to come back to the shop, or worse, wait on inventory to arrive costing time, fuel, and customer satisfaction.

Mortise Cylinder Parts and Accessories

Mortise cylinder accessories may be one of the easiest ways to offer added security to your customer and added profit to each job. Mortise cylinders often need spacers off of the door surface, and in many cases a mortise cylinder guard can be a great improvement to security. The cylinder guard wraps around the outer housing of the mortise cylinder and keeps burglars from twisting out the cylinder with a pair of pliers. By keeping the cylinder guard loose, the pliers will simply spin, as they try to twist the cylinder guard.  These are sold in a variety of finishes to match different doors and can be bought together in packs for added savings.  Latch guard protectors also are an easily mountable item for commercial hardware that protects external attacks. These are helpful on doors with large gaps between the door and the jam. Taking a moment at each applicable job to explain the added benefit of cylinder guards will no doubt pay off for both you and your customer.

Cam and File Cabinet Locks

Cam and file cabinet locks are no doubt an excellent locksmith supply to keep in stock. There are an assortment of sizes of these locks utilize to adapt in various hardware situations. Cam locks popularly use the7/16th, 5/8th, 7/8th, and 1 1/8th with a variety of other lengths. The kits helpfully come with tailpiece assortments that make adapting these locks easier. A universal XL mailbox lock also aids installations on these mailboxes by including 9 cams. HON and Anderson Hickey have aftermarket replacements that keep technicians from having to modify the cabinet upon needed replacement.

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