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Sc1 Key Blanks

Sc1 Key Blanks

Sc1 Key Blanks

Schlage has long been a leader in both commercial and residential security hardware. Their SC1 key blank design can be found on locks around the world in huge quantities. From storefronts to padlocks, an SC1 keyway may be the most versatile keyway in the security industry. Because of this diversity, there is a large demand for the SC1 key blank. Aftermarket key blank manufacturers only can keep up by producing these key blanks by the tens of thousands. Not only does Schlage make locks using this keyway, but a variety of aftermarket lock manufacturers have used the SC1 keyway.

Schlage Key Blank

Schlage SC1 Part Number Cross Reference

Schlage, like Kwikset, has seen the aftermarket industry take off with their key blank design, but also confuse the market by adding many different part numbers for the same key. The list below displays the most popular key blank manufacturer’s SC1 part numbers.

All of these different part numbers can be confusing, however knowing the design of the popular key by looking at it can tremendously speed up the process of identifying the key. Most manufacturers also keep the same general design for the head of an SC1 key blank. Schlage has used this stepped head design for many years, and can quickly identify the manufacturer as Schlage. Some caution should be used however, for Schlage has other keyways utilizing the same key blank head design. An example of this would be the SC9 key.

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