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Master Keying Software

Master Keying Software

Aero Key is designed for locksmiths who want the ability to create simple and easy to use master key systems!

The locksmith now has the most effective solution to generate a master key system for 4, 5, 6, and 7 pin locks. Aero Lock has strived and successfully created an easy to use program that helps locksmiths increase profit, decrease errors, and keep track of client’s key charts. Gone are the days of missing papers and scratch notes for master keying or going back to a job site years later without record of their keying chart. All records can easily be referenced back to using the Aero Key software. Creating large master key systems for clients can be very profitable, but much of these profits are lost when too much time is taken making the system. Math errors afterwards, allowing unwanted cross keys, can cause the user to go back to the drawing board. Aero Key saves time and eliminates unwanted cross keying. Within three clicks, you can have a full master key system!

The Aero Key software takes the guess work and trial and error out of master keying by automatically generating 15 different manufacturer presets for standard spaces, minimum depth, maximum depth, MACS (maximum adjacent cut specification), deepest first cut, step value, minimum chambers varied from master key. All of these factory settings can be adjusted for keying purposes. If you desire a shallower key for easier pinning, simply click the drop down menu and choose the maximum depth you would like.

Take a look at the screen shot to the left. You will enjoy the simple layout Aero Key offers. All needed options are plainly listed on the main page, without any confusing tabs. All you need is right in front of you from opening an existing project to seeing the results of your current project.

The user may also enter in their own master key bitting or auto-generate one from scratch. Multiple sub master keys are also able to be entered to expand the possibilities of the software.  A custom number of change keys can be created, or all possible change keys can be created. The two buttons on the bottom right (see above) generate a new system or it lets you see the results of the last successful key chart generation.

A useful tool after generating the key system is to save the results as a text file. With the use of the text file, the user can high light, add names for change keys to identify locks (i.e. bathroom, office, etc.), and add notes.

Gone are the days of running out of pins at the job site! All of the bottom and top pins needed to complete the job are listed at the top of the page. Once the results are resulted, the file can be saved and opened again in any Aero Key software, allowing multiple computers and users to use the file.

Aero Key has quickly become many locksmiths’ choice for master keying software. A help guide can be found on the main page to aid in most questions. Aero Lock also offers free customer support, from experienced locksmiths who have used the software themselves, even on the jobsite!

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