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Ace Tubular Keys

Ace Tubular Keys

Ace Tubular Keys

For a key that has seen such little change or variation, the Ace tubular keys have been used on a very wide variety of locks. Few other keys can be found being used on ignitions, padlocks, cam locks, bike locks, soda machines…the list goes on! The key offers some added benefits that many manufacturers have found to be useful on their product. The small pins can be difficult to pick without the correct tools and skills.  Also, due to their popularity, many people find themselves needing the ace keys duplicated for their various applications.

Ace tubular keys require a special duplicator that several companies are producing to accommodate the keys unique design. Unlike traditional key machines, a tubular key machine uses different tec The Ilco 009B provides an economical solution and makes the perfect addition to a key cutting service. This machine duplicates “mid-size”, 7 and 8 cut tubular keys and unique key positioning device assures quick, accurate gauging.

Another company offering a very different style duplicator is A-1′s Herty Gerty. The Herty Gerty is a compact, hand-operated tubular key machine. In addition to duplicating, it can code cut #137 standard tubular blanks, offset left, offset right & even pin within a pin (requires Accessory Cutter #CS).  Depending on your application, you may enjoy the added benefits of a manually operated machine that can cut keys by code, or the efficiency and simplicity of the Ilco 009B machine.

The key blanks used for these keys can sometimes be hard to find in retail locations. If the store or technician does not have a duplicator, the blanks are relatively useless. The key blank reference number can commonly be found under 137B or 1137B Ace Tubular Key. Since ace tubular keys can be cut by code or duplicated, a person having a hard time finding these keys at their local store can special order these keys by sending in their original to be cut or offering the lock code to a trusted online source or properly equipped locksmith in a different location.

Lastly, there are a handful of helpful locksmith tools and locksmith supplies that can assist technicians repair or replace the ace tubular locks. The tubular lock saw is a very helpful tool that allows rapid entry and removal of tubular locks. The tool utilizes features of a tubular lock, such as the round post, and mirrors its shape in the form of a drill bit. Sharp teeth cut away at the lock pins until the lock is able to be turned without a key. Along with the saw, a 7-pin and 8-pin ace tubular lock pick is able to gain entry without destroying the lock.  Once open, there are ace lock pins available to fix or rekey these locks when needed. Lock pins are sold in packages of 100 and will assist you in working on many styles of ace tubular locks.

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