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Brand Specific Rekeying Kits

When cost and efficiency is the only way to keep your mobile locksmith business in the black, one of the best tools for the job are brand specific keying kits. These kits are a great, inexpensive solution to keep all of your pinning tools and supplies in labeled, organized containers. There are a range of brand options available to suite whatever lock systems you encounter. Brand specific rekeying kits can also be helpful if you are only working on a few specific brands of locks.

Each brand of lock is different and requires many different tools for assembly/disassembly and pin sizes for keying. For Schlage brand locks, there are two major options available for brand specific rekeying kits. The first option is a comprehensive kit that is made in house by CLK Supplies. This Schlage rekeying kit contains 50 each of all necessary bottom pins (0-9), 50 #2 master pins, 50 top pins, 50 springs, 3 knob and lever plug clips, one cylinder removal tool, and one follower. The Schlage rekeying kit comes equipped with all pins and tools necessary to rekey any Schlage or Schlage Type Lockset. Each part contained in the kit is available as a separate item for future replenishment.
Specialty Products also offers a kit that comes in a very sturdy metal case. The contents of the Specialty Products Schlage rekey kit include: Original manufacturer design .115 diameter pins of 22 sizes including cap pins, cap springs, and “T” pins for “F” series, and .115 diameter springs. There are 100 pieces per size.
Kwikset brand specific rekeying kits are also very popular and are available either as an in-house kit or through Specialty Products. The CLK Supplies Kit contains 50 each -Bottom pins # 1,2,3,4,5,6; 50 each -Master pins # 1,2,3,4,5; 50 each -Top pins; 50 each-Springs; 3 -Original kwikset nob/lever plug clips; 3 -Original Kwikset dead bolt plug clips; 1 -Cylinder Removal Tool; 1 –Follower. Much like the Schlage kit, each part is available separately for future replacement.
For all of the major manufacturers and universal pinning kits, including Kwikset, Schlage, Sargent, Olympus/National Cabinet, ACE, Best, CCL/Olympus, Best IC, Arrow, American Lock/Master Padlock, Abus/American/Master Padlocks, and Weiser visit to see our comprehensive selection of rekeying kits.

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