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Key Solutions

Key Solutions 

No matter where you are living, what type of business you are in, or what you own, there is always a need to keep keys stored in safe or hidden places. All sorts of options are available in key storage; things like key hiders, code entry key storage, or larger key cabinets. So whether you are a locksmith looking to offer some very useful products or a consumer exploring some options, the market certainly has options to fit your needs.


A great option for a diversity of people is a key hider. A rock key hider is a popular way to hide a house or car key in a visible location. They are packaged in a container of eight rock key hiders and can blend in to many people’s surroundings. Another way to make a few extra dollars on every mobile job or walk-in customers are magnetic key hiders. For any customer, it is a very low cost solution to being locked out and stranded. These are available in three different sizes, and can even be purchased in Velcro form for locations without metal to attach to.


For more keys, or to secure keys in a visible location, a hard mounted key lock box can be a solution. These come with the ability to store several keys on numbered or documented tags in an ordered fashion. The keys can be easily accessible and much simpler to keep track of than a locking box without ability to hang the keys. Several manufacturer’s make these boxes with the ability to store tens to hundreds of keys.


Lastly, it is good to mention hanging key boxes. These have been on the market for a long time and are extremely popular for home owners, rental agencies, vacation property management, or renters. The concept of these is simple, the box hangs from the door knob and by entering a code, the box will open, and release the key to the operator. The benefits are great for convenience and not being stranded outside the home. Most boxes are surprisingly secure and take a considerable amount of effort to break into.

Be sure to invest in the right key storage solutions for your home or business, so you don’t have to waste more in the future!

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