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Ilco 045 HD Series Key Machine

Ilco 045 HD Series Key Machine

Ilco 045 HD Series Key Machine

Key cutting machines are a tool every locksmith needs. For some technicians, a complex machine is required in order to have the diversity necessary for their business. Others may be looking for a simple, easy to use machine for their mobile or in-shop use. For locksmiths looking for a great machine, with necessary features and true economy, Ilco has produced a true top notch competitor.


The 045 HD Performance Series duplicator is specially designed for cutting popular automotive and commercial cylinder keys. The Super Jaw 3 has a four position vise jaw that securely clamps down residential, padlock, and automotive keys without the use of an adaptor. The jaw accommodates both single and double sided keys. The jaws are also strategically widened to allow cutting of longer keys. A great feature of this model, normally not found on other economy models, is the permanently lubricated cutter spindle. It has ball bearings and a hardened carriage shaft that extends service life.

The ¼ horsepower motor provides a very efficient source of cutting power, while remaining friendly for inverters. The Ilco 045 key machine comes equipped with other great features such as a depth limit device to keep the cutter from contacting the jaws, a durable titanium nitride coated cutter for long lasting durability, and a nylon deburring brush.

The Ilco 045 HD Performance Series duplicator is economical, accurate and ideal for counter or mobile use. With all of the quality features and economical price this key machine will be a superior choice. For any locksmith looking at equipping a work shop, mobile, or fleet of vehicles; this machine will certainly be a solid performer.

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