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Best IC Key Strategies

Best IC Key Strategies

Best IC Key Strategies

Best IC keys are a very popular series of key blanks, with a variety of keyways ranging from extremely common to private keyways that are exclusive to the customer. Most locksmith shops or stores offering key duplication will encounter the Best IC keys. Best and many of its aftermarket competitors have done a fine job at creating locks that have a number of features to resist unwanted entry. Locksmiths have to know a number of things about these locks, often requiring special locksmith tools, in order to gain entry when keys are lost, generate keys from a core without keys, and rekey the locks to a new key.


Due to the tight tolerances and unique keyways, it can be difficult to cut these blanks on a normal duplicator. A regular jaw on a duplicator will often tip the keys enough to cause the new key to be inaccurate or the calibration will not be close enough to create a quality duplicate key blank. There are a few good options for cutting Best IC keys, the most accurate and efficient being a Best key punch machine. Several manufacturers produce Best IC key punches that make the job of duplication much easier. Many of these machines come with or have built in key decoders that assist the technician in deciphering what depths to cut. There are also a number of benefits in these machines. These include things such as producing a quality key cut to factory depths every time the key is duplicated, precision, and speed. Customers returning with a poorly cut Best IC key will surely lose trust in the business and a loss of time and money for both the customer and the business.


Best IC locks and key blanks are an excellent thing for every locksmith or key cutting business to keep on hand. The popular keyways (i.e. Best A Keyway) can be a great place to start for companies not currently offering duplication or servicing of Best IC locks. The cores themselves can also be purchased at great prices through aftermarket distributors.

Simply having these Best IC keys, tools, and cores in stock, along with the knowledge of how to service them, can greatly expand any locksmith business. There are many government institutions, schools, and businesses that use these locks and are great customers. The opportunities for expansion in a locksmith business can be overwhelming, but Best IC keys, tools, and cores will certainly a success.

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