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Rekeying Kits

Rekeying Kits

Rekeying Kits

Years ago, many locksmiths had trouble pinning locks because of the varying lock pin diameters. Today, with the evolution of locks, many locks use the same pin diameters with varying heights. This growing uniformity greatly reduces costs for locksmiths and technicians. A technician can purchase a universal pinning kit and service many types of locks, with the exception of high security locks and smaller format locks.


Choosing a proper rekeying kit can be a challenge as an initial investment. Deciding on the right one can be a huge step in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to service a diversity of locks. The first question ought to be what types of locks are being serviced or hope to be serviced. If a technician is only working on a single brand of lock, there are a number of pinning kits that are brand specific and can be very helpful with rekeying a specific brand of lock. These pinning kits range from more expensive, metal cased units to economical, plastic units. Both types of these have benefits for technicians, and can be thoroughly explored.


If multiple brands of locks are being serviced, it is good to explore a universal pinning kit. These kits vary, similarly to the brand specific rekeying kits, in the amount of pins each unit can hold per lock pin size, the range of pin sizes, brand of the rekeying kit and lock pins, as well as other features such as tool trays, etc. These universal pinning kits can be a great cost saver in the long run, as the universal pin refills are less expensive than many brand specific pin refills. The universal pinning kits also service a huge range of locks with only a small increase in price over the brand specific kits.


Once the right rekeying kit is decided, a technician or business owner also needs to decide which locksmith tools are needed to service the locks. Some kits may come with the necessary tools to service the locks, other kits require additional locksmith tool purchases. These vary depending on the type of locks being serviced, but examples of these can be the Kwikset core removal took, a multi pick tool for depressing buttons, or pliers for removing plug clips.

These are some of the first purchases for technicians beginning to rekey locks. A good set of locksmith tools and supplies can set a person on the right track for a successful business. A new rekeying kit is an exciting step in locksmithing.

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