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Spool Pins And Serrated Pins

Spool Pins and Serrated Pins

A locksmith who services residential and commercial locks will often come to a similar problem when meeting with home owners, managers, and business owners. There is a great need for improved security, but the customer is not willing to upgrade their locks to a level of higher security. This can be understandable, for often there is a substantial change in price, but a simple rekey does not always help in the area of security. For these situations, there are a few products in the locksmith supply market that can improve lock security to bumping and picking.


These are often referred to as spool pins and serrated pins. The feature of both serrated pins and spool pins are, by design, have a “false shear line”. When picking or bumping, the top pins will hang up when put under pressure. This stops the unwanted entry by picking or bumping, except by those very experienced in lock picking. In any case, the time elapsed before entry through a lock will be greatly extended.


Another set of products available for improved security are Ilco’s new Bump Halt line. This product line is great offer available to customers who are in fear of unwanted entry by bumping or picking, but do not want the large costs involved with high security locks. The product prevents bumping and picking by including higher tension springs with very thin profile top pins. The top pins are able to stay in place by having a thin shaft that runs inside the springs. They function similar to spool or serrated lock pins, but the additional spring tension keeps the top pins from “floating” when bumped or picked.

Despite the additional benefits of these products, they do not turn a residential lock into a high security lock. There are many qualities, strengths, and resistance features in high security locks that are not possible to incorporate into a residential lock. Regardless of this fact, many customers will choose low cost alternatives. These are alternative products they will purchase for a small additional price, that they will never spend toward better locks. Listen to the customer’s needs and have the right products to offer.

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