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*Spend $350 and get #Lockboss Diamond Beanie and CLK Tape Lanyard for FREE when you add it to your cart*
Space And Depth Key Uses

Space And Depth Key Uses

Space and Depth Key Uses

What if every key duplication machine could also be used for code cutting new keys? What if there was a low cost alternative to more expensive code cutting machines. Thankfully for many locksmiths, space and depth keys can accomplish just that. By using a specific set of space and depth keys in a key duplication machine, a technician can successfully create a key by code.


This process is especially effective when a locksmith is only working on a few types of keys and locks. By purchasing a few sets of space and depth keys, one can effectively do the job of a much higher priced code cutting machine. In fact, with the price of space and depth keys being only a few dollars, a business owner could purchase quite a lot of space and depth key sets while still saving money on a code machine.


There is a great key machine that is available from HPC for locksmiths that do consider the price of a code cutter to be worthwhile for their diverse market. This key machine is called the HPC 1200 Switch Blitz. Unlike its predecessor the 1200 Blitz machine, Switch Blitz is able to do more than just code cutting keys. This key machine is able to function both as a duplicator and a code cutter. This saves on the price of buying two separate machines as well as valuable space in a work vehicle. Both of these are benefits that come alongside a very reputable and versatile machine.

Other lock technicians may already have purchased a key duplicator; therefore there is no savings when it comes to buying a machine such as the HPC SwitchBlitz. For these locksmiths, code cutting by the use of space and depth keys will be the perfect option. Key sets are available for any lock, from Kwikset to new sidewinder style key blanks (laser cut keys) found on many new vehicles. Many sets can also be made on request from companies like Aero Lock.

Make an informed decision on code cutting. Count the cost and utilize the benefits of space and depth keys.

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