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Creative Locksmith Tools

Creative Locksmith Tools

Creative Locksmith Tools

With all of the types of locks that exist, it is amazing many locksmiths are able to work with so little in the way of unique locksmith tools. One can imagine all of the ways different locks, safes, security devices, etc. work; each in its own way. Despite these facts, several companies see little or no value in having the proper locksmith tools that are designed to do the job. For business owners involved in technical locksmith work, it should be considered the amount of time it may take for an hourly employee to construct a tool for a particular lock that may or may not do the job in the right way. Parts, customer products, and tools that should have functioned well for their intended purpose all are destroyed in an attempt to use a make shift tool. This doesn’t seem to make sense for a lot of longtime businesses that will inevitably work on the same lock again in the future.



These unique tools can vary from quick entry tools to safety deposit box tools. The important thing is that the locksmith tools are designed to work time and time again for their intended purpose in an efficient manner. Take for example the new Schlage Securekey™ and Kwikset Smartkey™ cylinders. These locks can cause a number of problems for inexperienced technicians. However, there exist a number of inexpensivetools to reset these locks in a few seconds without a key. This is not only ease of mind for the business owner, but also for the customer and the technician.


Other locksmith tool examples can be lock rekeying software. Hours can be spent on creating master key charts that do not contain mistakes. All of this time spent, including the space required to store the charts in a secure location, when a program such asAeroKey exists that can accomplish the job in a matter of seconds. All the while Aerokey will store the necessary information needed for future servicing of the lock. With only a few large master key jobs, this program will be completely paid off in saved man hours.

These are just a few examples. These considerations can be incredibly strategic as a manager or business owner. Employees can take excess time developing tools or systems that simply don’t need to be done. By exploring the locksmith tool market, business can operate most efficiently and effectively.

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