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Best I/C Core Basics

Best I/C Core Basics

Best I/C Core Basics

As a technician travels from one job to another, he/she may encounter a number of interchangeable style locks on commercial buildings. These are very popular due to the ease of exchanging cylinders, security features offered, incredible adaptability to keying methods such as grand master keying, and quality of locks. Best I/C Core is by far the most popular in most areas for these types of lock systems and Best has been improving the I/C Core lock for over 50 years.


Best I/C Core

Technicians may find it challenging to begin working on these locks, but two essential locksmith tools can be used to begin this process on the right foot. One of these products is a the LAB Interchangeable Core Annex. It offers the simplest method for the loading and unloading of Interchangeable Core pins, springs and caps, using only one instrument for both functions.

A second time saving feature is a slide out Code Book below the area where the core is slid in place.  This allows the user to unload the core pins, springs, and caps into a confined area without spilling the parts in or around the work area.

The Slide out Code Book is also used to decode the Core to determine the bitting of the control key when it is not available and also determine the top master key bitting. These are both crucial functions for large jobs where no keys are available for any of the cores.


The second crucial locksmith tool for Best I/C Core locks is a pinning kit. Most locksmiths prefer working with the popular A-2 system. The Best A-2 Pinning kit comes complete with all of the necessary locksmith supplies to rekey a Best I/C Core lock. The proper lock pins, springs, and caps needed are all included in this kit.

These two tools are also sold together for cost savings for those who have not made a purchase of either of these two kits. That combination can be purchased here at CLK Supplies. For further information on Best I/C core locks, please see our other Best articles.

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