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Best I/C Core Tools

Best I/C Core Tools

Best I/C Core Tools

As with most locks, Best I/C Core locks require a specific set of locksmith tools in order to service properly. Many of these, in the case of Best I/C Core, are not the same as many other popular styles of locks. Locksmith tools that are designed to service a variety of traditional residential or commercial locks, in most cases, will not be functional with I/C Core. These locksmith tools have specific features that are unique to I/C Core locks. They range from very inexpensive and simple to more complex and expensive. Having a proper understanding of product offerings in the department of Best I/C Core locks can give the locksmith an idea which of the offered tools are necessary to their business.


The first of these locksmith tools we will discuss is the I/C A2 Key Gauge. This tool is used to determine the specific depths on a key. The depths on a Best key will be essential for any sort of lock pinning or key duplication. The I/C A2 Key Gauge is very simple to use. A technician can quickly slide a key into the gauge, slide it until the key stops, and read the number indicated. Once the number is found, it can be used to cut another key on a punch or code machine or in use for pinning a core.


Another essential tool is the Best I/C Capping Tool. This tool is usually used in conjunction with a I/C Pinning block. The capping tool is required when pinning or rekeying to fit the pressed on caps. It is most useful with the aid of a pinning block because of the long springs required in a Best lock. The caps can be fairly simple to press on with the pinning block by dropping in the correct pins and springs; then by inserting the cap. The Best I/C Capping Tool then can be inserted and with a slight hit from a hammer; the chamber will be complete.


The last tool we will discuss is the Best I/C Pinning Kit. This is an obvious requirement when working on Best locks in any sort of frequency. The pinning kit comes equipped with all essential pins, springs, and caps needed for working on Best locks. There are two popular versions of these kits available for technicians. One is a larger, more equipped kit featuring a metal case, a full range of pins, springs and necessary caps made by Specialty Products. Another popular choice is the LAB Mini-Dur-X I/C Core Kit. This is a plastic case kit with fewer supplies but all the essentials.  It is a great choice for those technicians only doing a few small service jobs. Both of these kits can be refilled with pins, springs and caps individually packaged from CLK Supplies.

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