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Semi-Automatic Key Machines

Semi-Automatic Key Machines

Semi-Automatic Key Machines

Many companies exist for specific purposes. This may be a host of different things, but many specific businesses can benefit from adding some variety to their services. One unique service is to offer key duplication. Everyone has keys, but many don’t want to take an extra trip to have keys duplicated. Many of these customers will visit their PO Box, grocery store, etc. on a weekly basis and would certainly have their keys made with convenience at any of these locations. Key cutting machines offer ease of use and key blanks are relatively inexpensive. Many businesses can quickly make back their initial investment by purchasing a key machine and some key blanks.


Semi Automatic Key machine

One of the best key machines for store owners who want to add key cutting as a service, but don’t have specialized locksmiths employed on staff, is a semi-automatic key machine. A great example of this type of machine is the 044 HD Performance Series duplicator by Ilco. It is particularly useful when multiple duplicates are needed. Thesemi-automatic design allows the operator to duplicate with speed and accuracy. The machine controlled cutting pressure provides for more consistent results, especially when several people routinely operate the same machine.


One of the key features of this machine is the Super Jaw 3. It has a “secure grip”, four-position vise jaws which securely clamp most residential, padlock or automotive keys without the need for adapters, including double-sided keys. The jaws have a wide spacing between each vise. This accommodates longer key types which are becoming more and more popular with the integration of remotes into the key. A few other key features allow for longer service life. This is essential for store owners who employ personnel without technical knowledge on servicing key machines. These features include a permanently lubricated cutter spindle shaft ball bearings, a hardened carriage shaft and cutter spindle provide extended service life, and titanium coated milling cutter.

Semi-automatic key machines are a great way to offer a new service to a business. Low initial investment, a small amount of necessary training, and low inventory cost are all big wins for business owners wanting to improve profits.

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