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Try-out Keys

Try-out Keys

Try-out Keys

There is no doubt each locksmith develops his or her own area of business they are more comfortable with. Some locksmiths may become very proficient in the area of automotive locksmithing or in safe repair. Other locksmiths may only choose to work on residential or commercial door hardware. Despite areas of specialty, sometimes technicians simply have to get the job done. This can be in an area of the locksmith trade that a technician may not particularly enjoy. Specifically in the area of automotive locksmithing, there are several challenges that can be overwhelming. A locksmith tool that can be forgotten, try-out keys, may be a solution to many hours of fruitless labor.


Try out keys work extremely well on a number of different applications. Although they are not great for every lock, many vehicles, motorcycles, and boats can have working keys generated in a very efficient amount of time. Some of the best applications are on cheap, weak, flimsy locks that do not impression well, on locks that can’t be disassembled, on locks with no codes or the wrong code, on locks that have been changed, on night calls when impression marks can be hard to see, and on any lock you can’t pick, impression, disassemble or read.


It is certainly true that some locks are a challenge to impression. Try out keys can often be forgotten until it is too late. A small amount of research on the available sets of tryout keys can save hours of labor removing and drilling ignitions, removing door panels, and breaking plastic lock parts. A perfect example of this is the Aero Lock TO39A set. This set works for key blanks: B44, B44, B45, B46, B47, B48, B49, B50, and B62, for code series: A-Y000-999 & 00A0-99Y9, and includes spaces 1 through 6. There are only 225 keys in the set. This set works on all GM 6 Cut locks from 1967 up including VATS ignitions. Aero Lock cuts this set on the B15 Master Key so it will fit all of the previously mentioned locks and keyways. This set is grouped in sets for the glove box. If there is a glove box on the car, the technician can try 1 key from each ring in the glove box lock. When a key is discovered that turns in the lock, one of the keys on that ring will work in the door lock of that vehicle. If there is not a glove box, unfortunately each key will need to be attempted in the door and ignition. Aero Lock provides the cut list for you to make a “code” key.

This is just a single example of a code set that can be of extreme value. As older GM products become more and more collector items, owners expect technicians use all of the best tools to provide keys for their vehicles. Try out keys prevent locksmiths from having to remove steering wheels, door panels, or trunk panels.

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