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Basic Rekeying Part 1

Basic Rekeying Part 1

Basic Rekeying Part 1

Locksmith trade can have its challenges for those new companies or locksmiths starting out. The statistics are against newcomers, therefore, a good business model and training is essential.  This discussion will review some basic concepts, tools, and supplies necessary for rekeying standard residential or commercial locks. Rekeying locks is an essential area of the locksmith trade and is a job most discover on a daily basis when operating a lock business.


First, a technician should be familiar with the basic disassembly of locks such as Schlage, Weiser, and Kwikset. These are locks many technicians will find on entry level homes or businesses. Technicians may also encounter aftermarket comparable models of these locks. Certain locks will require special tools such as the Kwikset removal toolor the Weiser shim pick. Other useful tools used on many types of locks are C or E clip remover or a detent tool. These are all crucial locksmith tools when disassembling a variety of locks.


Another area of importance is having a good supply of locksmith supplies relevant to these types of locks. Depending on the business clientele, a technician should determine whether they need a universal pinning kit, brand specific pinning kit, or make purchases of individual locksmith supplies. Feel free to read more about this topic on our other posts here. Once decided on the pinning supplies, other common parts should be purchased if multiple jobs are expected.


Locksmith training material is available for new technicians. Materials for locksmithing include training for standard rekeying, basic master keying, and lock picking. These guides will be extremely helpful, especially for locksmiths who have not attended a training school. A key blank reference is a useful tool to even seasoned professionals on discovering or cross referencing key blanks, especially when no part number is available.

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