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General Motors Key Blanks

General Motors Key Blanks

General Motors Key Blanks

Key blank selection, especially choosing which items to stock in a business or mobile work vehicle, can be a very important decision for a locksmith company. Depending on the area of business, certain cars may be more or less popular, customers may be more willing to purchase high end keys, and dealership availability. This article will examine some of General Motor’s popular key blanks.

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The first step is choosing a key cutter. Older General motors vehicles used single sided keys, but the majority of late model GM key blanks are double sided.  A key cutter that is capable of cutting double sided keys is important. A locksmith or business owner will need to be sure the key machine looking to purchased, or already have, is capable of cutting these auto key blanks. See our page on manual key machines, semi-automatic, or fully automatic key machines to investigate some of the options available to you in key cutters. There are several benefits to each type of machine. Some may enjoy the versatility of a manual machine or the ease of use of an automatic key machine.


Another consideration is choosing the key blanks needed to duplicate automotive keys. GM has a list of popular single sided keys used for many models. These are theB44B51, B62 and RA4 keys. Their double sided keys vary slightly in appearance and design, but many are interchangeable. The B102, B65, B110, B89, and B88 are all good choices to stock initially. Popular during the 1990’s, GM used VATS key blanks. These were in use with only a single key way available for either single or double sided keys. If a technician discovers a VATS vehicle, the key blank will either be a double sided VATS key or a single sided VATS key. There are no variations in key way. In the last few model years, GM has started to use sidewinder, or high security, key blanks for some of their vehicles such as the Camaro, and this key will be discussed in a later post regarding GM Transponder Keys.

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