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General Motors Transponder Keys

General Motors Transponder Keys

General Motors Transponder Keys

Beginning with the 1997 Cadillac Catera, General Motors has been producing vehicles with transponder technology for 15 years now. There have been large improvements to the technology, programming procedures, and availability through the years for General Motors. More and more of their vehicles have utilized the security of transponder key technology. With the growing availability of aftermarket keys and programming equipment, locksmiths should be very knowledgeable about GM transponder keys and systems.


The Cadillac Catera  from 1997-2001 used the HU46T2 key blank. This was a very unique key that did not continue in use on other more popular GM vehicles. Instead, GM began using transponder chips in their more popular keyway, and used part numbers B97-PT, 690552 and B103-PT, 690556. Many vehicles used these keys  including sedans, vans, and trucks. Both of these part numbers had the smaller head on the key and are also available in a cloneable version by part numbers  B103-PT5, 692064 and B97-PT5. Despite some overlap in use, GM also adapted two other transponder keys. This time using a larger head to the key and utilizing part number B99-PT, 692952 or B99-PT5, 692065 for the cloneable version. Despite similar looks, the GM Circle Plus Transponder Key ( B111-PT, 5903089 ) varies in its use of its transponder chip.


Most recently, General Motors has began using a sidewinder or high security blade with a transponder chip. This was unveiled on late model Camaros. The keys are available in part number TP00OP-11.P1 as a chipless version.

There is no doubt that GM will continue unveiling new transponder keys and expanding the use of high security type key blanks into their model line. All of the keys mentioned are available in a standard blade, without a chip, as working keys or customer door keys. CLK Supplies carries all of these, as well as programming equipment.

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