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Ford Transponder Keys

Ford Transponder Keys

Ford Motor Company has been using transponder key technology for a number of years. Ford’s programming systems have certainly improved, along with aftermarket technology, and many of the initial programming inconsistencies are no longer present. Today, positive results can be expected when programming keys for a Ford vehicle. It is important for modern locksmiths to carry a complete inventory of these keys if they expect to provide adequate customer service.


Ford began using transponder key technology in mid-1990’s model year. A selection of their vehicles could be found using these keys. At the time, transponder technology was very new and there was a laundry list of things locksmiths and dealers had to discover about proper programming. Only a few models allowed for on board programming, so programming equipment was, and still is, a necessity. This is especially true when programming keys when no keys are present or all have been lost. Many problems arose in this time due to the ten minute wait process familiar to Ford vehicles. Technicians and locksmiths were unaware of the need to keep a consistent voltage level during this wait time, and many keys have been unsuccessfully programmed due to this problem. Common transponder key blanks for early vehicles were H72-PT, 598333 , and the H73-PT, 692055. These are also available in the cloneable versions under part numbers H72-PT-R/W and H73-PT R/W.

Ford Key Blank


In just a few short years, Ford began using two new transponder keys, with a different chips. These keys went by part number H84-PT, 599114 and H86-PT, H74-PT, 691643Many vehicles previously using the H72-PT, 598333 or H73-PT, 692055started using these newer keys. There is however some crossover and potential confusion with these. Despite all of these changes, only two variations in keyway exist for all of these vehicles. The mechanical key to work any of these are either the H60, 1190LN or H75. In most recent model years, Ford has introduced a new transponder key, but still utilizes the H75 keyway. This part number is 5913441.


Ford Motor Company will certainly continue to evolve in its security features. Several European vehicles, and a few American cars like the Focus, can be seen with a high security blade. Surely, more and more vehicles will use this sort of key blank with transponder key technology.

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