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Locksmith Lights

Locksmith Lights

Locksmith Lights

A natural result of locksmithing is the necessity to assist people in key making late at night. Working on locks late at night can be a challenge due to visibility. A technician may be under a trunk, in a door panel, picking a lock in a strange location, or a number of other dim light situations in the day or night. A few manufacturers have created some innovative solutions for locksmith lights. These have fascinating features that are unique for locksmiths to service locks, even in the darkest of nights. Take a moment to examine the locksmith tools available for hard situations like working in the dark.

How BigEasy Does Locksmith Lighting

One of these lights is the BigEasy Night Light. It allows for hands-free illumnation of the vehicle interior at night to allow tow driver, lock-out technician, officer and/or first repsonder to locate the door lock or keys while using the BigEasy Lock Out tool or other similar devices. While working on vehicles late at night, there are few more innovative tools in the way of lighting. Suction-cup design adheres the Night Light to the windshield or window of the vehicle. Powerful LEDs illuminate the interior so you know exactly where to position the BigEasy tool. Six powerful LEDs provide 1,000,000 candlepower to give you the ability to focus a 1 foot diameter beam up to 4 feet away on the interior door lock area. Flexible 6-1/2 inch PVC suction cup design works in all temperature and weather conditions.

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More Great Lighting Solutions

Another flashlight that works excellent for all kinds of safe work, door panels, steering column, and under dash lighting is the flexible flashlight. This flashlight makes it easy to look down into door panels to locate linkage rods, look inside lock cylinders and any other task that you might need a flashlight. The bulb is supplies with a super bright LED. It comes equipped with an 8″ long flexible cord that can navigate all kinds of interesting spaces.

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