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Does It Have A Transponder Chip ?

Does It Have A Transponder Chip?

When a customer is looking for a key duplication of a modern vehicle, there are some that have an optional transponder. Locksmiths new to transponder chip technology may be unsure of the unique key design found on transponder keys. Some key blanks are so similar to their non-chipped siblings that it is hard to tell even if you are an experienced technician. Thankfully, there is a great locksmith tool available to assist in this dilemma.

Transponder Detector

Transponder detectors are a great resource to any key duplication business or general locksmith, even if your business isn’t offering key programming. One of the available units is the Ilco Transponder Detector TD3AII. This hand held unit detects transponders that are concealed in keys for modern automotive security ignition systems. It takes only a second to confirm the presence of a transponder in a key and indicate the transponder type. The unit detects the presence of a Transponder in the head of the key. It is especially important to save the costly mistake of duplicating a non-transponder key onto a transponder key blank, when in fact the key was never chipped in the first place. The Ilco Transponder Detector identifies five different transponder brands including Megamos, Motorola, Phillips, Temic, and Texas Instruments. The TD3A II is compact, easy to carry, and is powered by a 9-volt battery.

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What more is there to ask from a transponder detector tool?

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