Are Do Not Duplicate Keys Worth It ?

Are Do Not Duplicate Keys Worth It?


From schools to business, even residential customers, every locksmith knows the frequency people come in and request do not duplicate (DND) key blanks to be cut in their business. For some places, it may be very often and for others, it may be very seldom. What is the cost analysis to keep a record of people coming in to duplicate DND keys blanks? Should people simply be recommended to a real high security key like Medeco or Mul-T-Lock?

Do Not Duplicate Key Blanks


Some keys are available as a larger head, pre-stamped version of their standard head counterparts. Many common keyways such as SC1, KW1, WR5, or M1 are all available in a key blank pre stamped with Do Not Duplicate. These keys are available at a slightly higher price to the standard keys. The issue comes down to the locksmith and how they are going to track customers desiring to have these keys made in the future. How will their records be kept? What is the cost of these keys that make it worthwhile for the business owner?

Key Stamps

Key Stamps

An alternative to purchasing two different types of keys is offering a stamping service to customers. Key stamps are very durable and lost for a long time. They provide some peace of mind for many clients and can be a nice way for locksmiths to add a profit to each key blank sold.

There certainly is no right or wrong way to optimize your business for cutting Do Not Duplicate keys. One thing is certain however; customers in the security industry will surely be interested in higher levels of security than what is standard.

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