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Keyless Entry Accessories

Keyless Entry Accessories

Keyless Entry Accessories

So many vehicles on the road today are equipped with keyless entry systems. Some newer cars do not even utilize a metal key blade, instead relying completely on programmed keys and keyless entry fobs. Many customers of locksmith businesses or key cutting facilities will no doubt inquire about keyless entry fobs and accessories. It is good to be prepared for these customers by having the necessary tools and equipment.

Key Fob and Remote Tester

key fob and remote tester

Batteries are of primary importance when working with keyless entry. Checking battery levels and replacing before failure are two absolutes every technician should know. Most customers will no doubt make a new battery purchase when they see their battery level is looking low. A great product useful for this is a Key Fob and Remote Tester. TheJAMREP by CLK Supplies determines if the problem is the key fob or remote and not the system being activated. This saves time by eliminating guesswork and works on all key fobs. Amongst the many applications are central locking doors on vehicles, PATS, remote controls for car alarms, remote start, and a host of other remote devices like walkie talkies or audio/video equipment! This tester is truly a useful and diverse tool for your belt.
It features 3 LED power level indicators and switches off in 30 seconds to save weight.


Batteries are also a necessity to properly service electronic equipment. CLK Supplies the most popular batteries at wholesale prices. Batteries such as the A23, CR1616, CR2016, CR2025, and CR2032.

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