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Best Tools For IC Core

Best Tools for IC Core

With the precision and security features often present when working with Best IC Core locks, the correct set of locksmith tools is crucial to a speedy and quality job. Whether a technician is rekeying, drilling, or installing; a job can get to be overwhelming when a locksmith tool is missing. We wanted to discuss a Best IC Core tool that seem to come in handy whenever loading a tool box for a interchangeable core job.

Best IC Core Drill Jig

Peterson tools has released an I-CORE drill jig that is easy to use, designed not to damage door hardware, and would allow technicians to decode the cylinder. The small format I-CORE drill jig seems to be a step ahead of other Best IC Core drill jigs. Regardless of whether or not there is a control key or damaged core, the jig is made of hardened tool steel that makes for fast and efficient drilling.


The tool is able to drill through the cylinder without damage to the hardware or pin stack, which means that the core can be decoded for control and master keys. This not only saves time for multiple core jobs, where a core key can be generated to remove other cylinders, but also saved cost by not replacing hardware. Many multi-drill jobs can be turned into one drill jobs with theIC Core Drill Jig from Peterson Tools.

Best IC Core Software

For an even speedier job on decoding and keying IC Core, be sure to pick up Aero Lock’s latest locksmith software, Aero IC. For more on this software see our website,

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