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Key Gauges

Key Gauges

Key Gauges

When rekeying, cutting keys by code, or a list of other locksmith services, key gauges are a fast and reliable way to judge the depth of a particular space on a key. Key gauges are available for many different types of keys, and are especially useful on challenging “by sight” key depths like Best or Ace.

Key Gauges and Key Decoders

The Ace Key Decoder is a very efficient way to find the different depths on these hard to read keys. Locksmiths can attest to the fact these keys often come in to be duplicated or re made when they are very worn, have holes, or are further damaged. In many of these cases, a simple duplication is not the best way to provide the customer what they are looking for. By using a key gauge to decode the key, a new one can be made by code to ensure a long life of the key and of the lock.

Key gauges also can be purchased in a format that allows for several types of keys to be gauged using the same tool. These are often called a 5 in 1 tool or a 3 in 1 gauge. The tools incorporate several brands or variations in a single brand depths to read the depth of a particular space on a key. The use of a single tool for several functions in useful in saving space and saving on cost of multiple gauges.

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