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Broken Key Extractors

Broken Key Extractors

Broken Key Extractors

Due to the general nature of many keys, many end up broken inside of a lock. Broken key extractors can be used to remove keys from all types of locks from high security ignitions to standard door knobs. Some broken key extractions are more challenging than others, at times requiring disassembling of the lock cylinder. Broken key extractors often are helpful if a foreign object has found its way into a lock.

Broken Key Extraction Tools – Screw Type

There are a few different tools that are used to remove broken keys from locks. One of the most common are a spiral type thin tool that can be “screwed” into different sides of the key in order to try and pull out the object inside the lock cylinder. Often, the best method of using these tools are by using two of them simultaneously. By screwing both of the broken key extractors into opposite sides of the key, then twisting the two extractors together to help grip the key, the key fragment can often be pulled out.

 Slim Type Needle Nose Pliers

Another very helpful tool are slim needle nose pliers. When the key fragment gets closer to the face of the lock, it can often save time to use the needle nose pliers. The pliers remove

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