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Locksmith Programming Tools

Locksmith Programming Tools

Locksmith Programming Tools

Beyond the necessary locksmith programming tools like an Advanced Diagnostics MVP or T-Code Pro, there are several other great tools available to aid in programming or diagnosing vehicle anti theft systems. Advanced Diagnostics, Ilco, and others have come a long way in recent years in creating versatile equipment that can do much more than their predecessors, but there are still a few locksmith tools worth looking into.

Port Test Adaptor

Advanced Diagnostics has created an essential tool for testing the ports on vehicles before hooking up your expensive equipment to the OBD2 port. The part number for this tool is ADC-116. This port test adaptor tool is able to test the port to be sure there is not only adequate power going to the OBD2 port, but also not too much power. In either of the scenarios, too little or too much power, a load of damage can be done to the very expensive locksmith programming tools on the market today. If damage is not done to the machine, the use of “tokens” and time may be wasted as well due to keys not programming to the vehicle.

Dmax Chrysler Skim (PIN) Code Reader

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With the Dmaxyou are able to pull SKIM codes out of the WCM in any Chrysler, Jeep, or Dodge vehicle. Also with this tool you can edit the VIN or the SKIM code on the WCM in the instance that the WCM was replaced with a used one from another vehicle. The Chrysler Skim (PIN) Code Readerwill also read & reset any DTC’s that may be on the system. What makes this tool great is that it eliminates the need to call a Chrysler dealer to get the SKIM code which saves you time and money! It also makes key programming a breeze, within 2 minutes you can have all your keys programmed and be onto another job.This is the only locksmith tool that will do all types of systems Type 1, Type 2, CAN, and Fobic. There are no tokens to buy or any other fees. Just purchase the Dmax and start saving time & money! Click HERE to download the latest Application Guide.

These are a few great examples of helpful locksmith tools to use when programming vehicles. Browse for more here at

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