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Locksmith Installation Tools

Locksmith Installation Tools

Locksmith Installation Tools

Locksmith installation tools can be some of the most valuable ones in a toolbox. These tools make for professional and quick work on any job which requires new installation or making adjustments to prior work. Each locksmith installation tool is specially designed to eliminate any damage done to a door, jam, or enclosure being serviced. Damage done to a customer’s property is one of the worst things we can do as technicians. Customer property damage slows down job times exponentially, keeps locksmiths stuck in insurance meetings, and leaves customers unhappy.

Strike Locator Punch Tool

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The Strike Locator Punch Tool is used after the edge bore is drilled to help locate the drilling location to ensure proper system alignment. There are few worse things than a mis aligned door drill. If not corrected immediately, common problems will be sloppy or non latching/locking hardware, strike problems due to unnecessary pressure, and the need to lift, push, or pull on the door for the lock to function. The Strike Locator Punch Tool is inserted into the edge bore on the door, the door is shut into its normal resting position, and pressure is put on the punch to leave an indication on the wood jam where the hole should be drilled. This makes for accurate, precise, and consistent strike location.

Steel Door Strike Locator

After installing a lock in a steel door, a technician needs an easy way to locate the drill location for the strike plate. The tool works by installing the HIT-24 locator in the latch hole and using the 1/4″ transfer tool to mark the exact location. This will mark the position of the hole to be made in the jam. The locator makes the job accurate, fast and easy. An ideal companion tool to our Pit Bull Latch Forming Locksmith Tool.

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