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Chrysler And Dodge Remote Head Keys

Chrysler and Dodge Remote Head Keys

Everyone enjoys when technology offers more convenience in day to day life. When things are made simpler and easier to use, people tend to appreciate it. This certainly goes for locksmith supplies. Remote head keys have been in use for over a decade, and more manufacturers are choosing to equip these from the factory. Chrysler has been leading the way for this in the American market, with a large percentage of their model line using traditional blade remote head keys or Fobik style keys.

Problems with Remote Head Keys

Despite their ease of use, the larger remote head keys are prone to breaking. People will have them in their pockets or sitting out somewhere, and the plastic casing will break. The key chain casting also seems to be a common point of breakage on remote head keys. Beyond this, the contact points for each button can be corroded or stop working due to dirty environment or water damage. Any of these can be factors for the need to purchase a new remote head key.

Key Replacement Options

Chrysler has used a few different styles of remote head keys which need to be differentiated before ordering to ensure programmability. The traditional bladed Y160 keyway has a 3 Button option in a key #1 and a key #2. This is also true of the Y160 blade in the 4 button. There are a #1 and #2 option for these keys. Another option with the traditional blade is the 6 button remote head key. When the Fobik remote key was introduced, this cam with 2 differing button configurations. One was a 3 button option and the other Fobik was a 7 button option. Each key looks very similar.

When customers are looking for a replacement remote head key, there are certainly options available. Be sure to have proper knowledge of the available keys and a way to program them.

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