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Lock Plug Spinner

Lock Plug Spinner

After minutes or even hours of picking a challenging lock, one of the worst scenarios is to be stuck without a plug spinner. The very thought of having to turn the lock back into the lock position in order to pick it in the other direction can be stressful. Few other things can be done though, as the customer is probably waiting to gain entry into the door. To avoid this stressful situation, be sure there is a plug spinner in your locksmith tool belt.

Traditional Plug Spinner

A1 lock plug spinner

Several companies produce a traditionallock plug spinner. These are all incredibly useful and durable. Many of these work with a coil spring that is wound using either a wheel or a turn handle and then set in place. When the end is inserted into the lock, the tension is released so that the lock can be turned to the desired direction.

Ryatan Plug Spinner

The Ryatan Plug Spinner is a perfect option that is different than other similar tools in a few ways. The Ryatan Plug Spinner is button activated which allows for really easy use as opposed to other styles where the user has to coil back a “flipper”, lock it into place, and release the trigger. As is necessary for these locksmith tools, theRyatan Plug Spinner works in either direction to allow the lock to be rotated in the desired direction. Another great feature of this locksmith tool, is the availability of replacement blades. Replacement blades can be ordered when the original is bent or broken, as sometimes happens with plug spinners because of the speed and torque they use. With a proven track record and 40,000 units sold, this seems to be an excellent option when equipping your locksmith tool belt with a plug spinner.

Other Helpful Lock Picking Resources

Aside from a great plug spinner, it is always helpful to be equipped with the rightlock picks for the job. A quality tension wrench and pick, or pick gun, can be the difference between a satisfied customer and lost profits. Each locksmith has his or her preference for the style of pick used for gaining entry. With several options to choose from, it is always best to try out several styles at the beginning to see which ones suit you best for particular locks. has a great selection of lock picks, tension wrenches, pick guns, and literature on lock picking available to locksmiths.

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