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Which Non-Universal Pinning Kit to Buy?

Which Non-Universal Pinning Kit to Buy?

Are there some rekeying (pinning) kits that are absolutely worth having or is the universal pinning kit the only one ever needed? Although universal pinning kits are extremely valuable now that most locks are using the same size pins, there are still certain locks that have different diameter lock pins which require special pinning kits. It is a very good idea to keep these on hand for they come into use more than one might think.

Master and American Rekeying Kits

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Master and American have long been using a smaller diameter lock pins in their padlocks than the standard pin size common to Kwikset or Schlage locks. There are many Master and American padlocks that have the capability of being rekeyed. Customers can appreciate this in cost savings and for convenience. Master or American padlocks can be ordered in keyed alike sets that are in their non-rekeyable versions, but certainly not master keyed. Customers may also lose a key or an employee and require an immediate rekey which simply isn’t possible in non-rekeyable versions. Turn around time on large keyed alike orders often take too long for situations similar to this. Having the locksmith tools needed to rekey Master and American locks is certainly a must.

Best IC Core

Best is another manufacturer that uses a unique style of lock pins and springs. These locks are popular on a large number of government buildings, businesses, and more. They offer a lot of convenience and certain levels of added security. Best rekeying kits make it possible to rekey these locks and pin them from scratch. The popularity of Best makes this kit a worthwhile companion to have both in house and mobile.

National Cabinet Lock and Olympus

Mailbox locks, lockers, office equipment and more have used these locks to secure there contents. With all of these commercial applications, it is no surprise that the locks will need serviced, master keyed, or simply rekeyed. Another great example of varied pin diameter, these locks require their own unique rekeying kit.

There are several locks that use varying diameter pins, especially in the area of high security. These three examples provide an idea of popular rekeying kits needed for locks that don’t fit the universal standards. Research which of these are popular for your customer base and make a decision on the pinning kits that are best for your locksmith business.

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