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Code Machine Buyer's Guide

Code Machine Buyer’s Guide

To follow up on our Manual Key Machine Buyer’s Guide, we thought it would be good to produce a similar buyer’s guide to compare and contrast code machines. These excellent machines add so much to a locksmith business, we are tempted to say they are an essential. Cutting keys by code, decoding keys, and even duplication are a few key functions of code cutting machines. There are a variety of options available from automatic computer operated machines to manual code machines. Let’s take a look and see what best suites the needs and preferences of your locksmith business.

HPC 1200 Blitz Code Machine

We can’t put together a list of code cutters and not mention the HPC 1200. This is a tried and true code machine that has proven itself on work benches of countless locksmiths. Some locksmiths won’t live without this machine mounted in their shop, work vehicle, and a few to spare just in case.

This revolutionary code milling machine has made all others obsolete and is now the unequivocal “Standard of the Industry.” The Blitz® is very simple to use and extremely versatile. It cuts by actual manufacturers depths and spaces. There is no need to convert to micrometer readings. With its rotating cutter head, the Blitz® can make high security angle cuts. With optional accessories the Blitz® can cut flat steel keys, Medeco Biaxial® , Schlage Primus® , as well as many other specialty keys. This machine cuts accurate keys by code quickly and easily. The ease of changing from one manufacturer’s specifications to another is so simple, it is unparalleled. Even radically different changes can be set up in 10 to 30 seconds without wasting any key blank. Now being sold with $600.00 of extras for free

Ultracode A/T

Dual Function – Code and Duplication

Professional quality performance! The Ultracode® A/T is an innovative electronic code-cutting machine designed to cut automotive keys by bitting number, indirect code, or duplication.

Advanced features include; Automatic calibration, key edge detection (which allows flexibility in the method of key placement in the jaw), laser key reader device for accurate key duplication, and powerful “on-board” data base of automotive codes and automotive key cut specifications.

  • Cuts a broad range of automotive keys by bitting number, indirect code, or by duplication
  • Extensive “on-board” database of automotive codes and cut specifications
  • Unrivaled performance; accurate, dependable, and simple to operate
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motor delivers exceptional accuracy and precise results
  • Easy view LCD display and generous size keypad for easy operation
  • Versatile Four-Position vise jaws with clamping surfaces especially suited for “hard-to-grip” keys
  • Electronic key edge detection; provides greater flexibility for clamping keys
  • Equipped with a durable *cobalt steel cutter
  • 110V-AC

Framon 2 Code Machine

The Framon Two Code Machine is recognized throughout the industry as the most accurate and durable code machine available. All of the extras included with the Framon #2 make it a great package. A few of the features that make it a perfect code machine are:

Accuracy: All Framon key machines are hand assembled and hand fit. This ensures that before your machine reaches you, it has originated keys accurate to one-half thousandth of an inch (.0005″, about the thickness of a hair). This tolerance assures a perfect key every time.

Straight-In Feed: The #2 utilizes a straight-in feed approach. The straight-in feed of the #2 code key machine provides a perpendicular cut at the root of the key. The flat of the cut will always be the same depth from the left side of the cut to the right. Key machines that use a pivot approach can produce keys that turn one way but not the other. The different shear lines from the left to the right side of the key lead to the turning problem.

Rugged and Durable: The #2 code key machine is made from heat treated aluminum and steel. The carriage moves forward on a pair of steel slides. Spacing and depth movements take place on pairs of steel pins and screws. There are no small gears to strip out and no plastic parts to wear out.

HPC 1200 Switch Blitz Code Machine

The Switch Blitz combines the best of both worlds: the Original Blitz™ code machine combined with a heavy-duty semi-automatic duplicator. Now in the bench space of 1 machine you have 2 top-quality key machines. The brilliant design and engineering make the switch from code cutting to duplicating as simple as 1, 2, 3. It cuts by code just like the Original Blitz™. To duplicate, simply SLIDE the code-bearing sleeve to the right, PUSH in the locking pin to hold the depth crank in place and FLIP the depth crank toggle handle down to engage the spring-loaded duplicating plunger. To switch back to code cutting, just reverse the process. No tools are needed and no adjustments are required for the machine to switch from code cutting to duplicating and back again.


The Switch Blitz is equipped with the latest features. It comes with the unique Quick Nut that allows for changing cutters without the use of any tools. The left-hand jaw is furnished with the Easy Flip Shoulder Gauge Handle. This handle makes it easier to raise and lower the shoulder gauge. The machine also has the Electronic Safety Switch on the shoulder gauge that prevents the machine from powering on if the shoulder gauge is not all the way in the down position.

The high-performance, long-life motor on the Switch Blitz provides ample torque for cutting a high volume of keys.

The machine is supplied with an expansive deck of 150 code cards, including many cards for the latest cars. Additional specialty code cards and adapters are available separately. If you need a machine for your van or only have space for one machine or you are ready to buy your first key machine, the Switch Blitz is your answer.

KABA Ilco EZ Code Electronic Machine


The Ilco EZ-Code is an electronic code machine designed to deliver high level performance at a moderate price. Accurate and simple to operate, the Ilco EZ-Codewill cut automotive and commercial keys by bitting number, indirect code (automotive keys) or by duplication.

Special features include; Automatic calibration, key edge detection (with automatic taper correction), versatile two-position vise jaw, and powerful on-board data base of automotive codes and automotive/commercial key cut specifications.

  • Cuts hundreds of automotive and commercial cylinder keys by bitting number or duplication
  • Cuts popular automotive keys by indirect code number
  • Extensive “on-board” database of automotive codes and key cut specifications (automotive and commercial)
  • Versatile Two-Position vise jaw securely clamp even the “hard-to-grip” keys
  • Electronic key edge detection; provides greater flexibility for clamping keys
  • Automatic taper correction minimizes the “human factor” when positioning keys in the vise
  • Microprocessor controlled stepper motors provides dependable results
  • Easy view LCD display and generous size keypad for easy operation
  • Simple to install, SD memory card software update process
  • Equipped with a durable * cobalt steel cutter
  • Available 110V-AC


3D Pro Xtreme Code Machine-All in One Cutting and Duplication

The Laser Key Products 3D Pro Xtreme Key Machine is the most advanced key machine in the market today.

This Machine Originates Keys and Duplicates the following keys:

  • High Security Keys (VW, Honda, Lexus, etc)
  • Standard Automotive Keys (H75, H60, B89, Y159, ect)
  • Tibbe Keys (with adapter)
  • Standard Residential & Commercial Keys (KW1, SC1, S22, etc)


  • Software to run the machine
  • Integrated brush wheel
  • Key Shavings tray – Keeps your work area clean!
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Cuts by code, including half-cuts
  • Includes cutting wheel for cutting standard keys
  • 2.5mm for laser cutting high security keys
  • USB port to Connect with PC
  • Power: 110v/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 8” X 16.75” X 13.5”
  • Shipping Weight Aprox. 45lbs
  • 1 year warranty parts and labor

Addittional Infromation:

  • You will need a laptop to run this machine
  • If you want to be able to lookup keycodes in the softeare the addon is $175
  • Due to the high demand of this machine it could take several weeks to recieve, please contact us for more details

Universal 2 Code Machine

The Universal 2 Code Machine is the ultimate “Card Type” mechanical code machine for originating commercial / residential and automotive keys. The Universal II is designed to allow the operator to cut a key by code within seconds, and rapidly re-set the machine for cutting a different type key as needed.

Universal 2 Code Machine

Included Accessories with this package are 112 code cards for commercial, residential, automotive, and micrometer. It also comes with a binder with code card holders. There are two tip stops included, the standard and U-shaped tip stops. Steel stabilizer shim. Two cutters are included: the T14MC and TCW-1011 cutters. Each machine comes with the proper tools needed to change cutters and adjust the machine when necessary.

For a price list of code machines, click here to see them for sale!

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