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Christmas Gifts For Locksmiths

Christmas Gifts for Locksmiths

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years are all loved holiday times for family and friends to come together and celebrate. During these times of travel, cold weather, and festivities, it can be a common time for people to be locked out of their homes and vehicles. Going out to warm up the car or taking packages inside from the trunk can be easy times for both home and auto lockouts. During this holiday time, take a look at some of the locksmith tools that make it a little easier to get into things and can be great Christmas gifts for the locksmiths on your list. These tools may just help you or the locksmith you love get out of the cold a little faster this year.

Lever Opener

Commercial lever lockouts are a breeze with this locksmith tool. Most commercial levers only lock from the outside. On the inside, many levers are egress and will pop open if the lever is turned. The lever opener works by combining an engineered metal rod with a wire draw string. The wire is attached near the tip of the lever opener. As the rod and wire are slid under the door and then moved up near the lock, the wire can be pulled to bring the rod into proper position. Once the rod is in position, the locksmith can simply pull down to open the door. This is one easy way to gain access and a great Christmas gift for the locksmith on your list!

One Hand Jack

The One Hand Jack is an excellent upgrade to the traditional wedge. Locksmiths can use this pry-style tool to create enough space to easily insert an Air Wedge without damaging the vehicle, or flip it over to use it’s traditional wedge shaped handle. The one hand jack may be very helpful in the icy conditions when glass is especially prone to breaking. This locksmith tool uses a rubber pivot to provide leverage to create working room to insert the Air Wedge, a tool, or a traditional wedge. Some vehicles simply don’t allow a traditional wedge to slide in without some assistance.

Quick Pull for Kwikset or Schlage

The Quick Pull is able to snap out Kwikset andSchlage cylinders in seconds without any disassembly of the knobset or removal of an interior knob. When picking, bumping, or other means of entry are out of the question, the quick pull is able to get the job done in seconds. For the locksmith on your Christmas list, this is the time saving product no technician should be without.

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