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Further Review of the Chrysler DMAX

Further Review of the Chrysler DMAX

The Chrysler DMAX Skim Code reader for Type 1, Type 2, and all CAN vehicles has certainly become the weapon of choice for locksmiths and technicians working on these vehicles. The DMAX is really an excellent locksmith tool that has several helpful functions and stands alone without very much competition.

Chrysler DMAX Skim Reader Tool

Chrysler DMAX Features

One of the most obvious features on the DMAX is that it reads the Skim Codes for Type 1, Type 2, and CAN vehicles. Locksmiths should also know when considering this tool that it also has a few other helpful features. The Chrysler DMAX can read and clear codes from Chrysler CAN vehicles, it has the capability to do a full diagnostic reprogram on CAN and Non-CAN vehicles, and key programming capabilities for CAN and Non-Can vehicles. Also with this tool you can edit the VIN or the SKIM code on the WCM in the instance that the WCM was replaced with a used one from another vehicle. This tool will read & reset any DTC’s that may be on the system.

Which Locksmith is the DMAX Tool for?

Technicians who work solely with Chrysler vehicles or locksmiths who frequent late model Chrysler will really enjoy using the DMAX. Other technicians who may not have the ability or support to receive Skim codes from the VIN number will also appreciate the tool. Technicians who utilize dealerships or phone based Skim Reading companies who charge for the service may find they can quickly pay for the DMAX with the money they save.

The Ultimate Chrysler Locksmith Tool?

The Chrysler DMAX Skim code reader is incredibly easy to use. The tool reports back with pin codes in a few seconds and is never incorrect. Each and every time it is used, a technician can account for the DMAX to work as it should. Unlike other programming tools it does require a computer (32 or 64 Bit and doesn’t currently work with Mac OS) to operate which may add to the cost for some locksmiths who currently are not using a laptop or PC in the work place.


  • Read Skim Codes from Type 1, Type 2 and all CAN Vehicles.
  • One Year of Updates and Lifetime Tech Support from the ACI Staff.
  • Read and Clear Codes from Chrysler CAN.
  • Key Programming Capability for Can and Non Can
  • CAN & NON CAN Full Diagnostic Reprogramming Capability
  • Used Skim Module Replacement Utility
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