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Beyond Kwikset Removal Tools

Beyond Kwikset Removal Tools

Beyond Kwikset Removal Tools

The kwikset removal tool is one that many locksmiths use every day. The popularity of Kwikset style cylinders, even on aftermarket locks, is something that keeps this product in the locksmith tool belt at all times. Technicians should know that there are several options available for these tools. The standard Kwikset removal tool is helpful, but there are more on the market today than what has been available in the past. Let’s take a look at other product offering available at this time for this essential locksmith tool.

Aero Removal Tool

Aero lock relaeased a removal toolthat has truly expanded upon the functionality of the Kwikset removal tool. The Aero tool is designed using quality steel, unlike that of the original remover, that keeps the tool from bending as easily during removal. The width of the tool is optimized and the thickness reduced, to better remove C-clips on the back of many Kwikset, Schlage, and aftermarket cylinders. On the opposite side of the tool from the C-clip/removal end, a locksmith will find the needed adjustment in width of the tool to release the Kwikset spindle. Further, a narrow point was utilized to also allow detents to be pressed like that found on many locks to remove the knob or lever from the door. This is truly a diverse tool, suited to reduce the number of tools needed to remove and service both Kwikset and other locks.

Original Kwikset Removal Tool

The standard Kwikset Removal Tool is always available to those technicians who prefer the use of this tool over the aftermarket equivalents. It certainly is factory designed and is purpose built for the removal of kwikset cylinders.

Clip Removal Tool

Although not used for the actual removal of the Kwikset spindle and core, this clip removal tool will easily remove “C” type rings used to retain the cylinder plugs on Kwikset knobs and deadbolts, Schlage “F” Locks, Sargent, and many others. Although the Aero removal tool will work with removing the retaining rings, other removal tools are not designed to and this tool fills in that gap.

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