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Product Inspection - Jet 9000B


Most manual key machines are simply that; manual key machines! It isn't very often that manufacturer's come along with a twist on the standard design. With the introduction of the 9000B Manual Key Machine, Jet has offered locksmiths something truly unique when it comes to key cutting.

Jet 9000B Manual Key Machine Features

Jet 9000B

The first and most notable part of this key machine is the Twist-N-Cut knob. Unlike other key machines, the Jet 9000B moves the two-vise assembly horizontally using a knob. A locksmith or tech twists the knob while cutting the key to trace the original key and cut the duplicate key. This action replaces the normal upward and horizontal pressure used when cutting keys on other machines. With the Twist-N-Cut knob, Jet produced a very precise alternative to manual key cutting. Among the more standard features on the Jet 9000B is the four-way jaw. These four varied clamping positions make it possible to cut a variety of keys from standard house keys to challenging, double-sided automotive blanks. The jaw labeled "1" is 3.94 mm deep and is best suited for common single-sided key cutting. The jaw labeled "2" is a bit shallower at 3.05 mm deep and can be helpful when cutting keys with very deep cuts. Jaw "3" has a rib running down the jaw in order to clamp on to double sided keys. The depth of jaw "3" is 7.62 mm. Jaw "4" does not have a side rib but has a deeper depth that can be helpful when cutting wide, double-sided keys (the Ford H51) and measures at 5.08 mm. The Jet 9000B has a very polished appearance with a solid metal base and a completely enclosed motor. This enclosing will surely add to longevity of the machine, as less brass shavings will find themselves into the internals of the motor. The key machine measures in at 10" wide x 7" high x 6" deep. The total unit weighs in at 15LBS, and is available in both 110 volt and 12v DC.

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