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Ilco 057 HS High Security Key Machine

Ilco 057 HS High Security Key Machine

High security, sidewinder, and laser cut are terms many consumers now refer to as the keys in their pocket. Nearly all domestic and foreign car manufacturers have high security key offerings on their vehicles beyond transponder systems. The high security blades offer many security benefits and deterrents to theft. Ilco’s 057 HS is a key machine that seeks to provide a solution for a locksmith or tech seeking to cut high security keys on a manual key machine. Business owners that are hesitant to enter the high security key cutting niche will quickly be surprised by the benefits to the Ilco 057 HS. We wanted to take a closer look at this manual high security key machine.

Ilco 057 High Security Key Machine

Ilco 057 HS Highlights

A few things that are noticeable about the Ilco 057 key machine is the right hand traverse lever. Having operated several machines with the left handed traverse lever, the right handed lever comes as a nice feature, especially for the right handed users. The lever tracks smoothly with the 3-axis movement. When the operator does make a mistake and cuts into the jaw, it is a very nice relief to see the engineers at Ilco thought of this before hand. The 057 comes with replaceable jaw surface plates. Many manual high security key machines do not come with this feature, but they should. This is enough of a cost saver in the future to consider purchasing this machine over a lower priced model.

Other Thoughts On The 057

The Ilco 057 is not the cheapest manual key machine option. For technicians entering the market and hoping to cut a few keys per month or year, this machine is significantly more than ESP’s high security key machine. The Ilco is a great option featuring quality construction and is not a lightweight machine. The 057 is designed for daily use. Ilco offers a list of optional cutters and accessories to make this the only key machine you will need for high security key blanks.

Optional Accessories:

BD0723XXXX: Adapter set for clamping VW/Audi, Porsche, BMW and Rover 2-track keys
BD0722XXXX: Adapter set for clamping Mercedes Benz 2-track keys
F44SPL Cutter: Required for duplication of “new style” Lexus keys**
T44 Cutter Guide: Required for duplication of “new style” Lexus keys**

Voltage: 120V-AC 60 hz
Dimensions: 13” H x 11.25” W x 15.25” D
(33.02 cm x 28.57 cm x 37.83 cm)
Weight: 37 lbs. (16.8 kg)

Replacement Parts:
Cutter: F22 (2.5 mm diameter)
Tracer: T22
Tip Stop Bar: EZ-TS1
Vise Jaw Surface Plate Set: BD0721XXXX
Depth Calibration Gage Set: BD0720XXXX

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