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Mazda Pin Code Conversion Software

Mazda Pin Code Conversion Software

Mazda Pin Code Conversion Software

During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Mazda included a security feature when keys were being programmed to the vehicle. In order for a technician or locksmith to program new keys, a PIN code was required. There are a few Mazda pin code conversion software options available to locksmiths and technicians looking to program keys for Mazda vehicles requiring the PIN conversion. Without the software, new keys cannot be programmed.

Mazda PIN Code Conversion Software for PC/Laptop

For locksmiths using a desktop or laptop computer for their mobile or storefront business, a software application is available on CD-ROM for Windows operating systems. This Mazda pin code conversion software is capable of converting the BCM serial number to pin code on ’98-03 626, ’00-04 MPV, and ’00-05 Miata. Programming on these models cannot be done without this software!

Mazda PIN Code Conversion Software for T-Code

Mazda PIN code conversion software

Mazda PIN codes can be converted with an add on software feature available for the Advanced Diagnostics T-Code. The feature is very nice for T-Code users as it does not require a laptop or desktop setup to use and can be done at the vehicle. The T-Code software works similarly to compared to PC/laptop based software. Despite the higher cost of the T-Code software compared to the CD-ROM version, locksmiths not using a laptop or PC may actually save money by using this option.


  • Mazda Miata 2000-2005
  • Mazda 626 1998-2003
  • Mazda MPV 2000-2004

As you can see, both options for converting Mazda PIN codes have their benefits. Each works with the same vehicles, but caters to locksmiths using different machines. Be sure to have it, as the previously mentioned Mazdas won’t be programmed without it! For more locksmith tools, visit us at

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