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Construction Keying Multiple Keys

Construction Keying Multiple Keys

Construction Keying Multiple Keys

As discussed previously, construction keying can be a great tool to use for customers using temporary workers such as construction, cleaning, or repairs. When customers and locksmiths know the value of construction keying, they can utilize its benefits in many situations. To provide further training, we wanted to demonstrate how to construction key multiple different construction keys to the same lock. This allows for multiple timed lockouts for different keys.

First Steps In Construction Keying Multiple Keys

The first step in this process is to properly cut keys by code. The tenant/owner key will need to be the highest in depth for each chamber that is being utilized for construction keying. This works by the owner/tenant key raising the construction keying balls up and out of the bottom pin chamber, into the “bible” or top pin/spring chamber, and then dropping into the side pockets of the lock plug. Once the construction keying balls/inserts are dropped into the side chamber in the lock plug, the construction key previously using those inserts will not work.

construction keying balls

For example, an owner key may have the bitting of 13526. If two construction keys are desired, the first ought to be cut to a depth lower than that of the owner key in two chambers, and the second construction key out to be cut lower than the owner key in one chamber. The two construction keys will need to use the same chambers to be cut deeper. Using the same bitting as the key from above, 13526, a #1 construction key can be cut (in a #2 construction insert depth system where the construction ball equals a #2 master pin) to a 35526 and the #2 construction key can be cut to a 33526.

When the first temporary key has finished its usage and a second temporary use key is needed, the second key (#2 construction key in the above example) can be inserted. This will lock out the first key, and the owner key will then lock out both construction keys.

Multiple Key Construction Keying

The construction keying process is done the same as a single construction key process. Click here read our recent construction keying article and learn about this process. The only difference is the use of two, three, or four chambers as opposed to a single chamber using construction key inserts.

Be sure to have all the proper locksmith tools need for the job including pick tools, rekeying kits, construction keying pins (inserts/balls), and plug followers. For more, contact us at!

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