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Locksmith Tools You Haven't Heard Of...But You Should!

Locksmith Tools You Haven’t Heard Of…But You Should!

Consider yourself a master locksmith? Are you always up on the latest and greatest locksmith tools? Here are a few locksmith tools and gadgets you probably haven’t seen in every locksmith tool belt, or even seen, but you may have

Lock Pinning Tweezers With A Push Attachment

Any locksmith who works on nearly any type of lock is familiar with a standard pair of tweezers used for placing small parts such as lock pins and lock springs. However, not every locksmith my know that these much needed tweezers are available with a pin pushing attachment. The attachment is mounted to the attached end of the tweezers and has a 90 degree bend on the end. This bend matches perfectly with the formed end of the tweezers. By pushing on the attachment while the pin is held by the tweezers, a top pin can be easily inserted into the spring and pin chamber.

Key Check

Key Check LT300

Ever wonder if a key blank was going to retro fit another key blank when an exact replica is not available, or if there are no part numbers to be found? The Key Check by Pro-Lok is made to answer this question. By sliding several small, metal shims together onto a key blank and tightening the set screw, another key blank can be inserted. The second key blank will either slide into the groove made by the key check, revealing a possible key blank fitment or will not fit, allowing the technician to continue looking for a proper key blank.

Kwik Kee Rekeying Tool

Kwik Kee Locksmith Tool

One of the most unique tools for the rekeying market, the Kwik Keeis a locksmith tool that quickly loads cylinders with the needed pins and is capable of up to 15 Schlage number 9 pins, or more of smaller pins.

The Kwik Kee comes with adaptors for Schlage and Kwikset, but others are available. The tool actually only requires one hand to operate, as it utilizes a spring loaded follower (also helpful in preventing lock ups) and a strong magnetic base. A plug is simply put in the Kwik Kee tool with no existing pins and the desired key in place at a 90 degree angle from the lock pins, rotated inline with the lock pins allowing the pins to fall into the plug, and removed. The plug is now loaded with pins and ready to be re-inserted into the cylinder.

To see a video of the product in action, click here!

There are many more unique locksmith tools worth discovering that can make the job of locksmith more enjoyable and interesting. Find more at!

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