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Slim Jim Comparison Guide

Slim Jim Comparison Guide

The catch all term for locksmith automotive entry tools, the Slim Jim has been a popular tool for many years with the number of vehicles accessible with the general design of a Slim Jim. Locksmiths know that a Slim Jim is not every tool used to open a vehicle, but a particularly designed locksmith tool for opening certain vehicles. Although the name “Slim Jim” is a standard name for a number of tools utilizing the smooth, flat metal design, there are a number of variances in the way a Slim Jim tool is produced. Some manufacturers have a standard design as well as longer, shorter, or altered cutout designs in the end for added vehicle opening capabilities. Below are a list of possible options and variances to the traditional Slim Jim tool’s design.

Standard Slim Jim

Slim Jim Locksmith tool

The standard Slim Jim is usually about 22″ long and 3/4″ wide. Manufacturers use a thin, flexible metal stock that allows the tool to have a gentle curve in the end of the tool. As the tool is constantly being inserted and flexed to suit a variety of vehicle door widths and variances, locksmiths will need to be sure the metal is stiff enough to keep its integrity over years of abuse, but flexible enough to provide the shape needed to grab a linkage rod. As seen in the photo above left, it is important to have a handle on the tool as the metal can be sharp for technicians when applying vertical or horizontal pressure.

Long Slim Jim

Extra Long Slim Jim locksmtih tool

An extra long Slim Jim is very similar in design to the standard Slim Jim tool. The width is usually the same, measuring around 3/4″ wide and utilizing a slim metal stock. The end design is also often similar to that of the standard Slim Jim. The added length, often around 30″, allows a locksmith to grab linkages deep inside a door. The tool is perfect for lockmsmiths and technicians who often encounter vehicles with tall or deep doors such as semis, other big rigs, or for those that enjoy using the Slim Jim tool for horizontal rods as well as vertical rods.

Extra Wide Slim Jim

extra wide slim jim

Using the standard length Slim Jim design, another variance is available with theextra wide Slim Jim. A wider metal stock is used, typically around 1 3/8″. This creates a deeper and wider groove for a linkage rod to fall into when working on a vehicle.

Regardless of which Slim Jim a locksmith or technician chooses to work with, each has its own distinct advantages. For more automotive entry and locksmith tools, visit us online at!

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