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A New Air Wedge For Next Generation Vehicle Opening

A New Air Wedge For Next Generation Vehicle Opening

A New Air Wedge For Next Generation Vehicle Opening

It isn’t very often a new product comes onto the locksmith tool market for vehicle opening with truly unique ideas. Slim Jims, Long Rods, and others have largely dominated the vehicle opening tool market and accomplished their purposes. Wedges, or air wedges, of various kinds have become a standard of sorts for several years. A challenge facing many technicians today is professionally and effectively wedging doors that have become tighter and wider.

Problems With Opening Modern Vehicles

Modern vehicle manufacturers want to keep the cabin quiet, but to do so means having very tight door frames. These frames are not only wider than ever before, but also difficult to wedge. Inserting a locksmith tool of any kind can be difficult. Plastic wedges can be too large to begin inserting, and can even damage the paint surface of a vehicle. Even when a deflated air wedge is inserted, it can pose problems with slipping out of the door or worse, “springing” the door (springing is a term used when a door is forced open on a vehicle and becomes out of shape, no longer sealing properly to the vehicle body and is a costly fix).

Access Tools Twin Air Wedge

Sometimes, two is better than one. This is exactly the solution Access Tools has created for opening modern vehicles using a pump wedge. The Twin Air Jack Air Wedge provides a more balanced, even clearance for inserting a long reach tool while avoiding too much stress on a single point of the door. The more even disbursement of pressure allows a technician to 


open a door wide enough to insert an opening tool, but withoAccess Tools Twin Air Jackut the risks of damaging the door. The Twin Air Jack from Access Tools is made out of ballistic nylon to prevent any type of stretching issues familiar with rubber air wedges. The ballistic nylon is very durable and provides a proper balance between flexibility and rigidity. If you are a locksmith working on modern vehicles and have experienced challenges with wedging vehicles, this may be the solution for you! See more locksmith tools and supplies at!

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