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What To Bring When Working On Mortise Cylinders

What To Bring When Working On Mortise Cylinders

Businesses, shops, offices, and even homes can commonly be found using mortise locks as a means of security. They offer several benefits in the ways of security, ease of use, expense, and flexibility. Mortise cylinders, the key or thumb turn operated part of a mortise lock, can be prone to wear and forced entry when not installed properly. Using inadequate parts or improper technique can greatly reduce the security and longevity of a mortise lock.

Locksmith Tools and Parts To Bring When Servicing Mortise Cylinders

This list could be very long depending on the problems that could come up when working on a mortise lock. The essential locksmith tools to bring may be:

mortise cylinder accessory kit

  • Small flat head screw driver to remove the set screw (an allen set should also be on hand in case the set screw is converted to an allen head)
  • #2 phillips head screw gun or driver to remove the side plate, typically consisting of three screws
  • Pliers with rubber sleeves covering the clamping area or a thick rag to aid in removal of the mortise cylinder when stuck or jammed.
  • Rekeying Kit
  • Locksmith tools necessary to service any problems with the mortise cylinder such as extraction tools for a broken key, or a pick set if there are no keys
  • Lubricant
  • Mortise Rim Cylinder Guards
  • Mortise spacers and rings. (These can be purchased together as a kit.)
  • Spare Parts for any replacements (screws, cylinders, tail pieces, etc. which are also available for purchase in a kit)

mortise cylinder in oil rubbed bronze

These locksmith tools and parts can be a good place to start when doing standard work on mortise cylinders. Of course, problems may arise and further tools may be needed. It is always best to go into any job as prepared and professional as possible. Going back to the store or shop for a small screw or tool can turn a profitable job into a loss.

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