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Using The Mini DUR-X

Using the Mini DUR-X

It may be hard for some locksmiths to imagine the benefits of using a Mini DUR-X. The name alone suggests a small pinning kit. What would an expert locksmith do with a relatively small pinning kit with a limited number of pins and parts? The LAB Mini DUR-X name does certainly tell a crucial truth about the product; it is small! Despite the name, there have been a few encounters that lead us to believe that these small kits can pack a punch!

A Hike With A Mini DUR-X


“While working on a particular job, a locksmith found himself deep into the mountains. There was a place to park his work truck, but a small, lengthy trail led out to a quite wealthy cabin on the lake. Discovering the house to have several locks of Schlage and Kwikset branding which the owner wanted to keep separate, this locksmith was able to grab his work bag, complete with a MINI DUR-X 3 in 1 and all the locksmith tools to complete the job. Carrying all the tools up to the house for rekeying would have been out of the question with many larger, universal pinning kits, but the MINI DUR-X 3 in 1 worked perfect. When the job was complete, the technician simply refilled the kit with some universal lock bottom and master pin packs.”

Does this story sound familiar? Whether the job was completed in a large business building, an apartment, or in the woods; there are simply times when having a very mobile rekeying kit can be extremely helpful.

LAB’s MINI DUR-X Selection

LAB makes several MINI DUR-X kits which not only aid in portability, but offer a low cost solution as opposed to buying a larger pinning kit.

Some of LAB’s MINI DUR-X kits are:

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