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How To: Master Pin Plug Follower

How To: Master Pin Plug Follower

Have you seen locksmiths talking about a master pin plug follower and been a bit unsure of its use? Perhaps, by the name itself, you have assumed it was a Master padlock follower with a smaller diameter. To clear up the confusion, we are highlighting the details and use of the curious master pin plug follower.

What Is A Master Pin Plug Follower Exactly?


master pin follower

A master pin plug follower is a standard diameter follower designed for use in a variety of lock cylinders for use when rekeying. It has the same design on the ends of the follower and in diameter. The difference is on a specific part of the follower tube. Where most traditional lock plug followers are completely round for the entire length of the tool, the master pin plug follower has a graduated slope that then flattens out at an engineered depth. This graduated slope and flat surface allow the top and master pins to slowly and precisely lower from the top/spring chambers and release any master pins contained in them. Once the master pins are “dropped” and slid out of the lock cylinder, the technician can push the follower back through, elevating the top pins back into a flush position. A pinned plug can then be re-inserted.

What Is The Importance Of This Locksmith Tool?

pro-lok master pin follower

Customers pay for locksmiths to rekey locks so that no other key, aside from the key(s) they desire will work in the lock. This means that each time a lock is rekeyed, the cylinder needs to be checked for any master pins that may be in the spring/top pin chambers. Master pins left in the chamber can cause other undesired keys to work, as well as making the lock more susceptible to picking or bumping (any additional sheer points aid in the ease of the lock being picked or bumped). Rather than using a small, pointed tool such as an ice pick or pin tweezers, a master pin follower speeds up this process. It also makes it much less likely that a technician would spill a pin/spring from its chamber while removing master pins.

Do yourself and your customers a favor before your next job. Pick up a tool that will add a level of speed, ease, and security to each rekey you do. Learn more!

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