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15 Most Popular Home And Commercial Key Blanks

Starting locksmiths may have a hard time deciding which key blanks to stock upon initial order. There are a variety of locks on the market today. Without a sales history or other seasoned locksmiths to draw from, it can be a difficult task to decide which key blanks are most important to purchase. Of course, few business owners have an unlimited budget to purchase full lines of key blanks, thus a careful selection of keys is important. Drawing from over 30 years of experience and business history, we have put together a list of the most popular home and commercial key blanks in use nationwide. We hope you find this list helpful.


Top 15 Most Popular Key Blanks

  • Kwikset KW1– A key blank used for decades both in Kwikset and other brand locks for five pin applications.
  • Kwikset KW10 – Another Kwikset key that is used on six pin locks. Kwikset Titan locks are the most popular use for this key, as well as aftermarket, six pin commercial cylinder.
  • Schlage SC1– This Schlage key blank has been in use for many years and is nearly as popular on aftermarket cylinders as the KW1 key blank. This is a five pin key and can commonly be found with a “C” stamped in the head of the key.
  • Schlage SC4– The SC4 is commonly found on commercial locks and is used for six pin applications. This is also a “C” keyway.
  • Schlage SC8 – The SC8 is another Schlage key, but varied slightly from the more popular SC1/SC4 keys. The head of the key may be stamped with an “E”, noting the keyway and is used for five pin applications.
  • Schlage SC9– The SC9 is the six pin version of the Schlage SC8 and shares the “E” keyway.
  • Sargent S22 – This key was originally created by Sargent but is found today on many commercial cylinders. The key can be found with an “LA” stamping, noting the keyway family. This is a six pin key blank. The less common five pin version is the S22 1/2
  • Weiser WR5 – The Weiser WR5 is a long standing key blank that has been used for many years, primarily in residential knobs. There are several aftermarket, residential locks that often use the WR5 key blank. To be noted, a KW1/KW10 will slip into a WR5 cylinder, but not the other way around.
  • Best BE2 – This is a staple key blank for the I/C core cylinder types. It is best stamped as opposed to duplicated, due to its complex keyway and tight tolerances. The Best BE2 will be the most common key when working on Interchangeable Core locks.
  • Falcon FA3 – The Falcon FA3 is found commonly in commercial cylinders. The FA3 is a six pin key blank.
  • Arrow AR1– This key is found in Arrow and aftermarket applications primarily on commercial cylinders. This is made for five pin locks.
  • Arrow AR4 – The AR4 is the six pin version of the AR1. Be sure to use the correct key blank for the application, as the six pin version may not work for five pin cylinders.
  • Russwin RU46 – The Russwin RU46 is a six pin key blank used for a variety of Russwin and aftermarket cylinders, primarily for commercial cylinders. The RU46 can be identified as a Russwin key by the unique shape of the key (click RU46 link for photo). There are several variances of this key, so be sure to properly identify the Russwin key as RU46 or as another similar, but non-interchangeable key.
  • Yale Y1 – The Y1 is used on a variety of commercial and residential locks. It can be easily identified with its wavy keyway and round head design. The Y1 is a five pin key blanks.
  • Corbin CO89 – The CO89 six pin key blank is used for both Corbin and Adams brand locks, as well as aftermarket equivalents. The CO89 key can be used as a master or grand master for other family of keyways, such as the AH, FH, BH, DH, AM, and BM families of keyways. The CO89 keyway bypasses each of these keyways.

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